Hello, I’m Lawrence.

I’m a Design Operations & Research Lead at PHILLIPS where we make software that is modernising our auction experience. I’ve worked at design agencies and in-house for fifteen years. Currently I’m writing and building a Design Ops resource area on this site. Too many things end up living in closed digital systems, this is a place for me to store documentation for anyone to use, fork or contribute to.

This website is designed and coded in public. So you’ll occasionally see elements that might not look as they should. Web Design is very much an evening and weekend hobby for me now and working in public encourages me to get off the fence and make things faster.

Occasionally I’ll record a Techno or House DJ mix.This year I started learning karate, reigniting a weights routine and, for the first time, following a running plan. Recently I’ve been cooking a lot of BBQ salads. You can read more about these in the Self-initiated section.

Three years ago I gave up Instagram, it’s been a real buzz kill to see what happened to a photo app. Missing that feeling of taking photos and posting them, I’m making my own feature to store photos and going through uploading ten years of snaps.

When I started out making sites in Dreamweaver back in 2002 I just wanted to get more stuff online. Today, the web has become a place of closed networks and platforms that we don’t get any say on how they work and what implications our loyalty comes with. My goal is to enjoy coding, designing and self-publishing anything I might need to refer to later, show someone or document to understand it better myself. Let your internet be wild and findable.

My partner and I love to travel, ask us about Mexico, Greece, Lisbon, Iceland, Paris and Munich.

Please do send me an email – email@lawrencebrown.eu


Design Ops Resources

These are not just for Ops folks. If you’re a designer and need to crack on with solving something, perhaps you’ll find value and a shorter path here. This project started in May 2022 and is growing as I invest personal time into writing and publishing. Here are the upcoming resources