About Me

Iā€™m a Design Operations & Research Lead at PHILLIPS where we make software that is modernising our auction experience. We’re a team of Researchers, Brand, Product and Service Designers. Our focus this year is on tuning our ways of working, making sure that design is measurable and visible and growing our career progression frameworks.

I put useful documents and resources up in the Design Ops area of this site if you’re looking tackling any operations topics. Previous I was doing the same operations activities at Kaluza (an OVO Energy Company), NET-A-PORTER and in slightly different forms at W12 Studios, Moving Brands, With Associates and my own business.

Design Ops ā†’

Selected Works

Over in the selected works section of the site there are highlighted projects for Telcos, E-commerce, Tech Manufactures, Entertainment companies and Broadcasters.

Selected Works ā†’

Self Initiated

Interests, hobbies and side projects are kept in the Self Initiated section. Be it techno, running, cooking, karate, travel, making my own Instagram or websites, I enjoy coding, designing and self-publishing anything I might need to refer to later, show someone or document to understand it better myself.

Self Initiated ā†’


Writing: Matt Mullenweg, Kottke, Slower News, Tobias Revell, Rough Type, interconnected, No mercy / No Malice, Tim Harford, Daring Fireball, Stratechery, Daniel Bower, Benedict Evans, Smithery, Adactio, Julian,

Visual Reference: visuelle, but does it float, Creative Applications, 11AM Hiut Denim Co,

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