Inventory Supplies

Continuing with my no-code experiments I moved onto tackling a self initiated project that has been getting dusty. Within a couple of days I recreated a “close enough” version of Inventory Supplies — a database of technical, functional and beautiful products.

I’ve made this website three times now. Yeah. First it was a WordPress Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) build where I created it from custom post types and relational tables for brands, retails and their products. The tricky part was getting lost in queries, post loads in overlays and a smattering of responsive rules that exposed my old school approach to CSS queries.

Defeated and frustrated I never got around to finding that magic bucket filled with heaps of free time to up-skill my skills that had become anti-skills on the project.

Sometime last year in 2023 I started messing around with, a no-code solution that turns Notion pages into websites. I bit the bullet and paid for a subscription and ported the domain over. It wasn’t till I did my year ahead money planning a few weeks ago that £408(ish) a year to run a couple of listings sites seemed, well, really silly. In my last post I wrote about no-coding this site and how breezy it had all been. So, here is Inventory Supplies.

In the heat of the moment researching blocks and custom fields I hit the trigger on buying ACF Pro. Only to then read the docs and find out it is way more implementation than I’d like to deal with to keep the speed of creation up. A real big speed bump. I’m in two minds here, WordPress demoed their Guttenburg custom fields last year – pegged for release this year. So that *could solve my problems. But, I don’t think it will solve the relational tables feature that will make connecting brands to products and to retailers, giving the site a real database experience.

Or, I could ask a refund, focus on content and layout and port this website full over to Guttenburg.

Or, I could bite the bullet and follow the docs, scream into forums and hit ChatGTP up for some moral support. Perhaps even GitHub CoPilot.

Anyhow. I’m going to sleep on it for a few more nights and perhaps dabble in some non-no-code again so my front-end brain feels more activated. If you’d like to check out the project you can in on the live and the first version below:

Or, you can go and check out the original and somewhat broken version here


Written by
Lawrence Brown on 25th January 2024