Production Principles

There are a few things I’ve got in mind when producing content, design and code for this website. Getting them written down helps keep me on mission:

  • I’m designing, writing and coding in public. Letting stuff sit in production like an egg waiting to hatch just makes me feel stagnant and sad
  • I enjoy coding, designing and self-publishing anything I might need to refer to later, share with someone or document to understand it better myself
  • I’m making what I need, enjoy and want from the internet
  • I believe in the web being open and findable, I don’t want to live in restricted or closed platforms
  • I blog, post, update and note take at any size at any time. I became too obsessed with writing for an audience, trying to form a big point of view, designing for a use case or making something shareable
  • I have an archivist mindset, uploading past projects, media and memories to my site feels better than them sat on hard drives and storage servers
  • I miss the era of blogging and blogs, bring back the early web
  • Web Design is one of my hobbies
  • I use this site as a portfolio, a web blog, a common place book, as an archivist as a functional reference guide
  • I make things I want to see, read or use. If others find them valuable or enjoyable that’s a nice win

I process my ideas and thoughts by documenting this project in its own weblog. You can view the planned phases for making this website, see what tasks are in the backlog and view my Github repo. Once I’m happy with my Figma workflow that will be accessible here too.